What We Do


Independent Share Valuation

We have extensive experience in professional share valuation for a range of issues, including Corporate Finance/Accountancy, Taxation and Litigation.

Our services involve valuing private company shares to support tax and commercial valuation requirements.  These are often the subject of a potential dispute with HM Revenue and Customs or other parties and must therefore be credible and defensible.

This is where we can help: our experience, rigorous approach and, above all, independence provides reassurance that our valuation is accurate.  We are also happy to defend our valuation as expert witnesses in any litigation which may arise, either as your representatives or independently (as officers of the court).

If you need an independent valuation, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Disclosure of share-based payment transactions

We provide a comprehensive service assisting companies to meet their financial reporting responsibilities in respect of share-based transactions.  This strategy is tailored to individual client needs and takes you through the process, from initial diagnosis as to the appropriate disclosure requirements through to preparation of the relevant disclosures, including thorough notes and reporting.

Under the Auditing Practices Board’s Ethical Standard 5, the auditor of a company should not provide valuation services if the valuation could have a material effect on the accounts.  Equity Value is not an auditing firm and so we are able to provide this service without any risk of contravening these standards.

Our extensive experience in share valuations and accounting make Equity Value an excellent independent choice for professional service in this area.

If you need help with financial disclosures, please fill in the form provided.